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Monday, July 5th, 2021
Weekend Round Up: Late Edition

Is laziness an excuse to be late? Just asking…  Last night, I remembered I needed to do a blog, but instead I ate ice cream and watched a movie with Wizard :-) By then the fireworks had transformed out neighborhood in the sound effects for a war movie and Maggie was scared. I couldn’t even get her outside to potty. Well I got her out by dragging her on a leash, but when I told her to “potty” her response was to flattered her body into the grass like she was the star of the war movie and trying to evade gunfire. By 11pm fireworks were still going off, but she willingly went in her kennel. It’s tucked in a corner, so she felt relatively safe. I went to bed and tried not to do anything silly like sleep and miss a single minute of all the geniuses setting off as many illegal fireworks as humanly possible in a drought-ridden tinderbox area in the name of patriotism.

Otherwise, we had a very good weekend. Saturday was like a day that happened. Then Sunday I ran out to Kohls and found white jeans that fit. I’ve missed having those in my closet enough to fork out full price. Yep, Cheap Jen paid full price! I know…we’re all trying to deal with the shock.

Poor Cheap Jen is even more upset because I’ve been telling Wizard I want a boat. We’re not getting a boat, but if I were going to pick a recreational type of craft, it’d be a boat. You’d never get me off the lake. I’d looked like a crinkly old wizard with frizzy hair and a beer belly in a bikini. It doesn’t even matter that I hate beer. But a boat is just a fun dream–along with my beach cottage with white sand for a front yard.

Um…did I get off topic? So back to Sunday…we went to a BBQ place for dinner, came home and I did pretzel yoga–that is not a real thing, but I did this yoga  online class that tried to twist me into a pretzel shape. Friends, I learned something; you cannot twist a pear shape into a pretzel :-)  I keep hoping I will turn into taffy that can handle any shape, but I suspect that, like my boat and beach cottage–my taffy dream is not going to happen.

I also tussled with the book. This weekend I lost more battles than I won. My pride is bruised, but I’m going back in this week to kick butt.

Today we’re off to Youngest’s for a pool party and hamburgers. He said he was making the burgers out of cauliflower with lettuce buns. I think he was kidding?

So that was my weird version of a weekend roundup, now I’d love to hear yours!

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  1. Silver James
    July 5th, 2021 at 2:01 pm · Link

    I have no idea what Impossible meat (it’s a brand thing) is made of. It wouldn’t surprise me if cauliflower was involved. Or was transformed into Freedom fries! Also, lettuce wraps is an oriental food thing so…there ya go. I totally flew the white flag as far as writing went.

    We met the Kids for Mexican on Saturday. Awesome food–as always–and good company. Then we came home and took naps because…awesome food! 🤣

    Yesterday, I finally got around to cleaning out the pantry. I want mention the oldest use by date I found. I also don’t need to buy cleansers for like…a year. I am now officially a horder. But I have an empty shelf, clean floor, and organized items so yay. Also two bags and a couple of boxes to donate to the local thrift shop.

    LG went to pick up Stormy today. Stormy wanted to come home with us Saturday but his parents had plans. LG told him maybe today so he went to pick him up, they went shopping and stopped to get lunch and now I don’t know what they’re going to do. I heard rumors about them decorating Liam’s “room.” I may have to by a new comforter before all is said and done. :roll:

    We’re meeting the Kids halfway at a fave BBQ chain for dinner and to hand off kiddo.

    Fireworks have been a think since Thursday. Saturday and yesterday, it was all frickin’ day until after midnight. I’m ready to go patrol the neighborhood, ID the culprits, and retaliate. It’s illegal here too, but at least we’ve had rain so fire threat isn’t bad. One idiot through the “spent” fireworks in his trash. Set his house AND the neighbor’s on fire when they reignited. Idiots. I love the idea of Independence Day but day-am. The stupid people are ruining it.

    Oh. And lazy (aka procrastination) is TOTALLY an excuse! ;)

    Have a great week. 🥰

  2. Viki S.
    July 5th, 2021 at 2:38 pm · Link

    Poor Maggie. I really feel for the fur babies.

    Spunk hates fireworks too and middle actually gave Queso something to calm him down. It helped a “little” bit. Middle and DIL live right next to the park in Lakewood where the fireworks are launched. So not only was it terribly loud and bright but there were thousands of people walking past HIS house.

    BLB is kidding, right? I absolutely refuse to even try the Impossible Burger. It’s based on principal. Why try and make something taste like meat when I can have meat, which I enjoy.

    Have a great time at the BBQ.

    Good job Cheap Jenn in standing aside for white jeans. Cheap Viki is still having fits about workout shoes, therefore they have not been ordered.

    Loving the boat dream and the visual you gave us ;).

    Yesterday while scratching Spunks chin I hit something hard. When I tried to look he fought me but I was able to see that there was some blood on his fur. Many attempts later and a very upset cat, I got a look at his chin. I have to call the vet tomorrow. It looks like it might be a mass growing. I am so frightened for my little guy.

    Youngest and girlfriend sent me video of manatees swimming up close to them in the river outside her house in Florida. They look so peaceful.

    Have a great time today!

  3. Jenn
    July 5th, 2021 at 8:53 pm · Link

    Silver, turned out, he had beef burgers :-) It was a blast over there and now I’m sun-whipped.

    Yay for cleaning out your pantry! It’s so easy to accumulate out of date stuff. It finds it’s way to the back and hides in the shadows.

    LG is a great grandpa! Sounds like he and Stormy are plotting up something. It made me smile.

    Hope you guys had a great BBQ dinner handoff.

    YIKES! Its folks like the guy who threw the spent fireworks in the trash who worry me. I’m sorry it’s going on so long in your area.

    Thanks for accept my excuse, LOL!

  4. Jenn
    July 5th, 2021 at 9:16 pm · Link

    Vivi, Maggie was scared but not fully panicked like some poor dogs. I’m glad middle gave Queso something to help–especially with all the people around there. I would do it for Maggie is she were distressed enough. I’m not surprised Spunk didn’t like them either. Animals don’t understand where it’s coming from.

    Yes, BLB was kidding. They had great beef burgers, pasta salad, chips, fruit and ice cream for dessert. The whole day was fun, and Turbo loved being the center of attention. Youngest bought him a really cool fire truck raft he can sit in and use the water gun hose to put out fires and soak everyone. He played in that thing for two hours (with constant supervision).

    Don’t you really need good workout shoes? I always have a knock down drag out with Cheap Jen over that, but I have accepted that the right shoes help reduce pain and protect joints. Order them!

    Oh no! I just got to the part about Spunk’s chin. Is it a hard mass or more squishy? It might be an abscess that can be drained, or it might have broken open which is why you saw blood. I’m hoping its something like that–not fun, but it can be taken care of. Let me know, please. I’ll be thinking about Spunk and you.

    How lovely for them to see manatees. I’m a little jealous but happy that they get to have a nice vacation there and enjoy the view.

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