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Friday, September 3rd, 2021
Friday Five

TGIF!!! I hope everyone is safe from the weather ravaging parts of the country! That flooding is so scary. Shifting topics, lets jump into sharing five random things about our week.

  1. I’ll probably talk about writing, or lack of it, next week. Maybe.
  2. Some good news. Wizard’s MRI and CT scans of his back came back with no new problems. We are so relieved. He has had chronic pain in his feet from his back, which was the original reason he was seeing the surgeon. He needs to do one more test, and then discuss options to control the pain. But overall the news is good. His back has been feeling better for two weeks so whatever happened to cause that bout of spasms and pain healed up.
  3. Monday, I ran all over looking for a dress for my niece’s wedding shower this Saturday. I tried TJ Maxx, Nordstrom’s Rack and in desperation, another mall. FAIL, and a wasted day. I finally ordered two dresses from Amazon and if one fits, yay. If not, I can wear some black pants in my closet then go have a good time.
  4. Oldest son video called one night and I was in the middle of yoga. He got a view of me sweaty–but I wanted to talk to Turbo, so too bad.  The next night he called to ask me something, but I was trying to figure out how to make a fondant rose so he and Wizard talked. The third night he called to ask me the question and I was painting the edges of a fondant rose in gold lust dust. He laughed and said, “You and dad are living the dream.” I suspect that deep in my kid’s hearts, they think we are sitting by the phone in case one of them calls…and it’s a shock every time they realize we are actually living out lives. By the way, he rarely calls three days in a row like that. It was just the way it worked out.
  5. Sunday, Oldest and Turbo might come over (that was the question he was trying to ask), but if they don’t, I’m going to try making a cute pig out of fondant. Since I can’t draw or paint or sculpt and have zero art skills, I’m think this should go well…lolol! If I can’t do it, that’s what molds are for. But I wanted to try.

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    September 3rd, 2021 at 6:54 am · Link

    :hugs: Lack of writing seems to be going around lately. Yay for Wizard’s tests coming back okay. Bummer about the shopping fail. LOL about the multiple phone call thing. Owl messages me to see if it’s a good time to call and I let her know when it is or will be. Yay for potential Turbo time! And good luck with your fondant pig!

    1) I had most of the week off from the ‘helping my friend’ project, but I didn’t find out until each day, so no time for other plans. I’ll be heading over there in a couple hours. Unless she calls before I leave.
    2) I made a big vat of spaghetti sauce on one of my off days. With fresh tomatoes. Yummers.
    3) Yesterday, I cut back my nearly dead rose bushes. They were so beautiful and bloom-filled last year. The unexpected cold snap in Feb (?) did them in. Now they’re all scraggly and pathetic. I may give up and pull them out entirely. We’ll see.
    4) This is the beginning of birthday/anniversary season in the family. So when I was at the store the other day, I picked up a bunch of cards to get me through the end of October. The only birthday I didn’t get a card for was Hubs’. We stopped giving each other cards years ago.
    5) I figured out that I have enough shredded zucchini to make 10 loaves of bread. And I haven’t even shredded the last bunch of zukes the neighbor brought. Luckily, it freezes well.

  2. Silver James
    September 3rd, 2021 at 8:24 am · Link

    Ditto on the weather. Yay Wiz recovery and news. Hope the dress fits (psst. I HATE shopping!). LOL on the kids. Truth! Pigs. Four little dollops (legs.) A big dollp on top of the four littles (body). A small-to-mid dollop at one end of the body (head). Use the tip of a very fine paring knife (or other tool) to tease out a curly tail and ears. Make a tiny dollop and attach to the head for the snout and flatten the end. Poke holes for the nostrils and add a smile. Voila! *runs away laughing* Okay, my 5:

    1. LG had a CT scan Wednesday in prep of the stent removal procedure on Tuesday. He is sooooo ready! He is feeling better other than the stent moving around so that’s good.

    2. I’ve managed maybe 2K words this week. Ugh.

    3. Went to Stormy’s first coach-pitch baseball game last night. 1. The coach needs to learn how to pitch. LOL 2. Somebody told Stormy to move the bat when the batter gets a hit. He dutifully picked up the bat (each time) and walked it to the opposing teams dugout. Until his mother got ahold of him. LOL (He’s playing catcher.) First game. Not many practices. This team needs a LOT of work!!! He did get a couple of hits so there’s that. :lol:

    4. Jake went with this. Another grandmother had a “fancy” Bichon Friese with her. The ankle-biter was all “ooh, big boy, come over here and see me.” So I got up and went to introduce them. Dang dog snapped at Jake who jerked his muzzle back and looked up at me with this look of total betrayal in his eyes. The owner said her dog didn’t like big dogs so I asked why she invited us over to introduce them. Her answer, ” Well, I keep; hoping that she’ll be nice.” WTH?

    5. This weekend is siren test and Mexican food with the Kids on Saturday and then the whole James Gang at a fave pizza place on Monday to co-celebrate LG’s and Uncle Fix-It’s birthdays. Yummy food ahoy!

    Have a great weekend all!

  3. Viki S.
    September 3rd, 2021 at 3:14 pm · Link

    1. I like the qualifier on talking about writing. :lol:
    2. That does sound like good news for Wizard. Treating pain is a never ending battle as we know.
    3. Fingers crossed that you like one of the dresses and that it fits perfect. I’m the same way. There is a pair of black “fall to” pants in my closet as well.
    4. Oh my! That is funny that the two of you never could connect because YOU were always tied up. It usually is the kids that we can’t tie down.
    5. Hope Turbo gets to come over and that you make the pig. You really are not as bad artistically as you say.

    1a. Yesterday was the service at the Tuscarora Reservation. It was lovely and my brother has really turned out to be a good preacher. Bob was honestly a beautiful soul. He will be missed greatly.
    2a. Wednesday afternoon hubs had to go over and watch Harrison. Eldest and DIL took Pee Wee to cross the Rainbow bridge. He also lived a good happy long life. But it is still hard. Harrison called hubs at 8:30 Wed night w/o his parents knowing and asked him to come over, that he didn’t have Pee Wee anymore. Heartbreaking. Hubs went over yesterday while I went to NY.
    3a. Youngest and girlfriend are going to have dinner with us Sat.
    4a. Hubs and I will have ribs alone on Monday.
    5a. Is today really Friday? My days are a mess. Here’s to a Happy Holiday Weekend for all especially those that are laboring.

    Have a great afternoon!

  4. Jenn
    September 3rd, 2021 at 3:59 pm · Link

    B.e., one dress worked, so yay :-) I’m ridiculously excited to try the pig, LOL.

    1) Well that does make it harder to plan, but it’s awesome of you to help her out.
    2) Delicious!
    3) Bummer the roses aren’t doing well this year. Maybe they’ll bounce back next year? I don’t know enough to say for sure.
    4) SMART to get ahead of birthday cards.
    5) That’s a lot of zucchini!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Jenn
    September 3rd, 2021 at 4:16 pm · Link

    Silver, so I can blame you if my pig fails??? LOL! Thanks for instructions, they will help. The kids thing cracks me up.

    1) So glad he’s doing better even if he does have to do another procedure to remove the stent.
    2) It’s 2k words more than you had last week.
    3) LOL on the coach needing to learn to pitch. We’ve all been there as parents. Hope Stormy has fun this season!
    4) IDIOTS. I have no sympathy for that type of pet owner anymore. I’m sorry Jake was exposed to that. One 5 second encounter like that takes a lot of work to undo in our dogs who trusts us to keep them safe. And that woman risked her dog’s life. Jake could have killed that dog before anyone could stop it. I’m sorry you guys had to deal with it. I wish people would learn to understand and read their dogs. I’m really pissed for Jake :-( And I say this as a small dog owner.
    5) Fun weekend ahead for you. Happy Birthday to LG and Uncle Fix It!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Jenn
    September 3rd, 2021 at 4:26 pm · Link

    Viki, I’m bad artistically if I try to do it from some picture in my head. If I can see someone else’s work and figured out the techniques, then I have a shot :-) Thanks on Wizard, we were worried something new and serious was going on in his back.

    1) That’s wonderful the service turned out so well, and your brother has grown into a good preacher. Your stepfather had a long and meaningful life, and I hope that helps.
    2) That made me tear up the way Harrison called his grandpa and said they don’t have PeeWee anymore. But its sweet that he turns to Grandpa for comfort, I’m sure his parents value that. I’m really sorry you all lost the special little dog. Even I’m sad. But he did have a long life and was well loved.
    3) That will be fun to have dinner with Youngest and girlfriend.
    4) Ribs sound good, and maybe it’ll be a chance for you to decompress a little bit too. Have wine!
    5) I bet your week is messed up. I forgot all about Labor Day so I’m not much better.

    I hope you enjoy dinner with Youngest and girlfriend, and maybe get a chance to rest and relax a bit. It’s been a long, stressful and emotional week for you and your family.

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