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Friday, February 25th, 2022
Friday Five

TGIF! Let’s jump into sharing five random things about our week.

  1. My heart breaks that Russia invaded Ukraine. I try not to be political here, but I can’t ignore this. So Wednesday evening, Wizard went to bed and I was channel surfing, and landed on the news. I’ve been, and sometimes still am a political junkie, so I wasn’t surprised but deeply disturbed and saddened.
  2. We had rain and cold. I liked it! No snow here though :-( That was a long shot at best. Of course all of you living in snow are rolling your eyes at me, LOL
  3. Oh, this is big news for Wizard and me – they finally fixed our community mailbox! It’s been at least five months. Guys, we are soooo happy. It’s crazy that it took so long. The mailperson told Wizard that they got a a new supervisor, and she evidently began sending out crews ASAP to get the job done. I think I can see why the old supervisor didn’t work out…or obviously just didn’t work. Anyway, gotta celebrate the small wins in life, right?
  4. Maggie and I went on a mega walk yesterday afternoon after two days of being cooped up due to rain and cold. We loved it! She was so happy and is now sleeping peacefully while I write this blog on Thursday evening.
  5. Today we’re going to the design center to choose our finishes on the house. This all has to be done before the plans go to the city for approval (why choices of granite and sinks matters, I don’t know). They’ve told us it’ll take four hours. Clearly they have not looked at our budget allows for everything standard and precious few upgrades :-) We have a small list, and I’m really hoping I can upgrade the countertops. It comes with a standard granite that I frankly hate. But if the upgrade to the next level of granite is too much $$, then I will learn to love it, LOL. Monday, we are doing a virtual appointment to do some electrical upgrades. Then in a week we finalize both the electrical and design center upgrades so we have a little time to think about them and crunch the numbers. This is all stuff we knew going in. We purposely chose structural upgrades like adding square footage in the sunroom, and will sacrifice other places like finishes that can be changed later if we happen to fall into a pile of money, LOL.

So that’s my week. I haven’t thought too much about the weekend, but I’ll probably stay home. I may practice some fondant 3D figures, or go on some wild and unplanned adventure. Now it’s your turn to share five random things about your week!

I hope everyone has a warm and safe weekend!

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    February 25th, 2022 at 12:20 pm · Link

    Yay for house stuffs and long walks with Maggie! Yay for finally having the mailbox fixed, If you like rain and cold, yay for you! Sorry you thought you might get snow and didn’t.

    1) I made my own hamburger buns yesterday! Yeah, I get excited about strange things.
    2) We didn’t get the ice storm they were predicting. It was mostly just a lot of sleet, so it looks like it snowed, but it didn’t. Cold and white. :shrug:
    3) With all the cold and crappy weather, the birds have really been loving us because we’re making sure they have seed available. Same with the deer.
    4) This morning a ruby-crowned kinglet was hanging out in our redbud tree. Yay. They’re such neat little birds. (
    5) I’ve passed pg 300 in my edits. Only 75 pages left to go.

  2. Silver James
    February 25th, 2022 at 12:23 pm · Link

    Yes! We are also heartbroken and so angry at our “ruling party” that LG and I walk around the house muttering under our breaths. The idiocracy and incompetence just leaves me spitting mad. Yay for rain, long walks, and progress on the house! Those are all very good and smile-ful things. Okay, my five:

    1. Speaking of the weather, we went from 75 to 17 in 12 hours with a layer of sleet and ice on the ground. Since Tuesday. We might get just above freezing sometime tomorrow. There’s video of kids actually ice skating down the streets in front of their houses. 🥶

    2. Still watching the talks between MLB owners and MLB players hoping they can work out contract differences and there WILL be not only spring training but an actual season. Until then, I’m trying to catch as much college softball as it’s televised.

    3. Not much writing this week. A few scenes. Headspace–given current events–isn’t productive.

    4. Reading/listening picked up a bit. I actually finished the re-listen of a long (17 hours) book in two days, where it took me over a week for the previous book. I’m starting the second book in the series that released Tuesday later today after dealing with stuff that needs my full attention.

    5. Only picked up a “side hustle” curating a private book collection that will be donated to a major university’s library. She’s excited to get back to her roots and make some extra cash. We’ll be doing a lot more of the grandparent game for the next couple of months because she’ll be working a few nights and some weekends. We’re proud of her.

    That’s my five. Need to go put food out for the wild critters. There’s a squirrel sitting in the driveway staring at my office window and looking PO’d. 🤣 Have a great weekend, all!

  3. Viki S.
    February 25th, 2022 at 3:29 pm · Link

    1. I am right there with you feeling so much pain over Ukraine. I am of Ukrainian descent and so is hubs. My heart is breaking.
    2. Sorry Wizard didn’t get his snow but you’re probably better off w/o it ;).
    3. Finally! Great news on the mailbox. Isn’t it frustrating that it could have been taken care of months ago if the person in charge gave a care?
    4. I bet Maggie loved her long walk :). They are just like kids and crash hard when they are worn out.
    5. Ha Ha! Love the budget comment. I’m sure that you will pick out very nice finishes to the house. It is strange that the city has to approve everything. You know it’s so they can maximize taxes :(.

    1a. It was a freezing rain night/early morning and then snow all day today. I thought ahead and ran errands yesterday. I just didn’t want to go out in it today.
    2a. Youngest and his lady are looking at houses tomorrow and then they are going to meet hubs and me for dinner. Youngest has been looking to get a house for some time but they are either real trash or get sucked up before he even gets to see them.
    3a. We’re 5 days with no workout. I called today to see what was going on with the parts. They have been ordered and they will call and set things up when they come in. The guy would not answer me when I asked if there was a supply chain issue. I hope not. In the past the parts have been sent here and arrive in a couple days.
    4a. I’m back to falling asleep as soon as I open a book to read. It’s comical when I open the book and see where my zombie self has put the bookmark.
    5a. I packed up a bunch of books to take to Half Price Book Store this coming week. I never want books to be thrown away.

    I sure hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Jenn
    February 25th, 2022 at 6:33 pm · Link

    B.E., since we never get snow, a small sprinkling is exciting for us :-) I totally recognize there’s a difference between a few hours of a dusting and living in real weather! I wouldn’t love dealing with snow and that level of cold for an entire winter.

    1) I think it’s cool to make your own hamburger buns! I’ve never thought of it before.
    2) Sleet or snow–it’s all cold and inconvenient when you live in it.
    3) I’m loving you too for keeping the birds well stocked! It can’t be easy for them to find food in the winter.
    4) He’s so cute! It was the male, right?
    5) You’re on the end part now!!! Great job on your edits!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Jenn
    February 25th, 2022 at 6:41 pm · Link

    Silver, it’s all so infuriating, although I blame both sides for reasons :-) And I think we all need smileful things.

    1) Cold!!! I hope you guys warm up.
    2) Sheesh, I haven’t been paying attention. I didn’t realize MLB and players were still in talks. I hope they don’t ruin another season (And seriously, I need to pay more attention! I’ve been distracted big time).
    3) Totally understand on headspace and writing.
    4) Glad your listening picked up! I’m just heading into the third book on the series I’m listening too.
    5) You have soooo many reasons to be proud of Only. And I’m sure she’s both grateful and relieved to have you and LG to help with Stormy. She can do her work without worry when he’s with you guys, and that’s priceless.

    LOL on the mad squirrel! Hope he hot his food, and you and LG have a great weekend.

  6. Jenn
    February 25th, 2022 at 6:48 pm · Link

    Viki, I sincerely hope that if you have any relatives you know in Ukraine, that they’ve found their way to safety. It’s a terrible situation that most citizens had nothing to do with. My heart breaks for them. And the design center visit went well :-)

    1) So you guys got all the snow. I’m glad that you were smart enough to think ahead and get all your errands done.
    2) I know exactly what your son is going through buying homes. It’s been like that here for about five years now. I hope they have better luck tomorrow.
    3) Dang it’s taking so long. I’m guessing it’s a supply chain issue, and now truckers are protesting–it’s all a mess. I’m so sorry.
    4) LOL on seeing where you put your bookmark. I fall asleep with my glasses on and do some weird stuff. I also fall asleep trying to watch TV. I don’t know how to “fix” this issue.
    5) I love that! I used to love going to bargain bookstores. I haven’t gone as much lately just because I read on my Kindle as I can see better on it. I think it’s wonderful that you donate your books! I’ve always done that too.

    Hope you guys have a great weekend, and Youngest and his lady find the right house.

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