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Monday, December 26th, 2022
Late Weekend and Holiday Roundup!

It was a wild and fun holiday for us! But we had 80 degree weather unlike so many of you in other parts of the country. I hope those of you in the cold areas are all well, warm and had a great celebration too! That cold was scary.

After two weeks of going nonstop, I’m so wiped out I’m barely functioning today. Anyone else feel like that or is it just me? I was going so much, I lost weight despite all the baking I did, LOLOL. I’m sure that will change pretty quickly as life returns to a more normal pace.

Let’s see: Friday middle son and his wife came out and brought us a Christmas/Housewarming gift that stunned us both. We were so shocked, that both of us had to mentally shake ourselves in order to thank them :-) They were so very sweet and thoughtful and way too generous. That was a great day just seeing them. Sometimes, it’s really nice to see the kids with their spouses separately. We really enjoyed the day.

Saturday I had a few small errands, then youngest came over, and after that, I made a small cake just for me and Turbo. We shared it with the others, but Turbo and I are the chocolate fans :-) It was a one bowl chocolate cake, with chocolate swiss meringue icing. Then just for fun I did a quick fondant  snowman. I’ll post a pic of the cake, but trust me, I know the icing job is sloppy both neither Turbo or I cared! And he even ate some of the fondant snowman.

Sunday — Christmas morning, Wizard and I opened gifts. He got hobby stuff and clothes. I got a vacuum mop for the floors (which I REALLY wanted) and my dream coffeemaker! It’s a Ninja Duelbrew Pro and I love it so much! Youngest has one and I’ve wanted it for months but could not bring myself to spend that much money on a coffeemaker.

Maggie got a toy and a special treat. But truly, her happiest time is just have people over, and she and Turbo are buddies. He has a snoopy robe with ears and a tail that he put that on after his bath. Maggie found that super interesting. I mean her ruff was up down her back, but it was from excitement and I guess curiosity. If he’d taken it off, she’d have probably stolen it :-)

How was your weekend and holiday?

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  1. Silver James
    December 26th, 2022 at 3:05 pm · Link

    That cake is too cute! You are a kitchen witch for sure!!! It sounds like y’all had a wonderful–if busy and exhausting–weekend and holiday. I’m a a curious cat (hanging around Loki, Pete, and the ferals too long!) and you’ve got me wondering what The Middles gave y’all. That coffe maker sounds like one of those deals where you have to be smarter than the machine. 🤣 I have enough trouble just pouring water into the maker and heating my milk in the microwave until after that first cup! I do hope you are sitting back, feet up, and relaxing today!

    We finished up wrapping on Saturday. I made the roll dough in the morning and made them out late in the afternoon. Then I fixed spaghetti, which is a sort of traditional Christmas Eve dinner for us, along with a tiny pan of hot rolls. All the rest of the dough went into the cinnamon rolls. They turned out awesome, even if I say so myself.

    Christmas morning, we loaded up presents and headed north to the Kids. Stormy is a weird kid, being the only one I know who has to be awakened by his parents on Christmas morning. Seriously! The good news in that is that we don’t have to be up there at the crack of dawn to enjoy Santa presents. I think everyone’s presents were a hit all around. I got everything I asked for and a little more. I love my new zip-up hookies, my stainless step-on kitchen trash can, and my knew chef’s knife set. My old set is about 25 years old. It was time. No in-laws. They were a bit under the weather and since it was cold and they were exhausted, mutual decision was to extend Christmas to another day. We came home around noon, put up new stuff, culled old stuff for either trash or donation, and then I put the turkey breast on. LG and I had turkey sammiches and watched “Tulsa King” for dinner. Then we both crashed. LOL

    It was a nice weekend. Laid-back. Busy but not totally exhausting. That said, I’ve done squat today. Ah well. There’s always tomorrow, right?

    Hope you catch up on your rest. Now all we have to do is get through New Year’s Eve.

  2. Viki S.
    December 26th, 2022 at 4:18 pm · Link

    I had a feeling that the cake would be made 😊. It’s so cute. Love that Turbo ate some of the fondant too.

    Even though it was super busy getting there, you had a fantastic sounding time this Christmas. Love your coffee maker and mop.

    We were SO cold. It was below zero with -30+ wind chill for days. My poor uncle on Grand Island in NY is totally snowed in. They can’t even open the doors to the house. I’m sure my cousin’s hubby will get there somehow and clear them out.

    Saturday night hubs and I went to church. Sunday the two younger boys and ladies came over and I made brunch. All was good except hubs tooth.

    Hubs has been in so much pain with this tooth. I called the dentist this morning at her home and she is trying to get him in to a specialist tomorrow. She’ll call me in the morning.

    We’re supposed to go to hubs sister’s wake tomorrow afternoon. It’s 2 hours away. Depending on his tooth, we will attend but we won’t drive down again Wednesday for the funeral.

    I have to go make a soft food dinner. Hope you have a fantastic afternoon!

  3. Jenn
    December 26th, 2022 at 4:54 pm · Link

    Silver, that cake was purely for me and Turbo :-) Sure I’ll share — it’s a 65 inch big screen TV. It’s still in the box making Wizard suffer into Middle can get back out here to hang it in two weeks. But we know he’ll do it right and very secure. It was so unexpected! Like our Roomba :-)

    I am relaxing today, and feel about 50% better this afternoon. No surprise there, I just need a few days on my normal routine and all will be well! I’m just not 30 anymore and sometimes need a reminder of that.

    I thought of your amazing cinnamon rolls when I made the canned version Christmas morning. I told Wizard you are the expert! I think he might want to move to OK now, LOL! I bet both the dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls were amazing!

    Stormy is not like my kids! One of the three of them would wake early and rouse the house! Oh wait, that might have been me… :-) But hey, Stormy is smarter to sleep well then enjoy!

    Oh, chef’s knives! Those are an awesome gift! And the trash can! I mean all I wanted was the mop so I get it. Plus those trash cans are so convenient.

    The in-laws were smart to not go out considering the cold and them not feeling entirely well.

    Laid back is good. We’ve had a lot of years like that and I like all the versions as long as everyone is happy.

    I’m glad the holiday turned out well for your family, and hope you stay warm!

  4. Jenn
    December 26th, 2022 at 5:04 pm · Link

    Viki, I really wasn’t going to make the cake, but then I did, LOL. Turbo was so happy, but he really is a happy kid all around.

    I really wanted that vacuum mop! It will help me out so much. The coffeemaker was supposed to be the alternate gift idea, but Wizard got carried away :-)

    I can’t even imagine how cold that is! But I do know how dangerous that kind of cold is, and I worry for everyone in it. Oh my gosh, your poor uncle! I’m assuming he’s well stocked at least, but how weird to be literally snowed in so badly he can’t open the door.

    How is your mom? She’s in NY too so I thought of her.

    That’s lovely to go to church. Hopefully the weather wasn’t too bad. And brunch sounds wonderful. You sure work hard on the meals for your family.

    I feel for you husband. I hope he at least has pain pills to help. That kind of pain is unbearable, and he’s had to endure it for what, a week now??? I hope the specialist can get him in ASAP. On top of that it’s his sister’s wake. I’m so sorry he’s having such terrible tooth pain that may prevent him from going. But everyone should understand.

    I hope the soft dinner is good and he gets help tomorrow.

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