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Monday, January 9th, 2023
Weekend Roundup

The whining for Wizard is over — his TV is on the wall and fulfilling all his dreams :-) Middle, his wife, and their two amazing dogs came over. Maggie was overjoyed. It’s her very first house visit by other dogs. And then…just to make her world complete, Youngest came over!

Maggie thought the surprises were over. But nope, daughter-in-law and I took all the dogs on a hike. This daughter-in-law is the only person I’ve been able to get to do this with me. We went as far back into the hills as the trails went. All told, daughter-in-law said it was more than 2 and a 1/2 miles in total. It was so pretty and great for the dogs. Maggie had no problem keeping up with the bigger dogs, even though we’d done almost a mile walk earlier that morning. The cool weather really helped too.

I didn’t take any pictures, in fact, I’d forgotten my phone, but daughter-in-law had hers. Plus I’d shown one of my son the trail we were going on, so they knew where we’d be. I was so happy to have a hiking partner, and to have the two bigger dogs with us to discourage any animals seeing Maggie as prey.

But here’s the hilarious part — these two dogs are the sweetest, most loving dogs. Chances are, they’d try to make friends with a coyote :-) Here’s a pic my son took of me with the dogs:

Hazel is on the left, and Jett on the right. I was petting Hazel when Jett got in on the action, LOL. That’s why my son took the pic. They are big, powerful dogs  but they are absolute lovers. Hazel is whip smart and likes to problem solve — like getting Maggie to trust her. Her patience is quite amazing. By the time they left, she was getting Maggie to trust her more and more. Jett was born brimming with confidence and always looking for the party. If you look at him in the pic, he’s trying to sit in my lap. He has no idea of his own size or strength. These dogs go camping and hiking all the time, and pretty much believe (like Maggie) that everyone — person or dog — is their friend. I’ve never seen the mean side of either of them.

Middle, Youngest and Wizard hung the TV while we were out on the hike. I was amazed how fast they did it! It’s been fun seeing the family room take shape. It’s going to be a work in progress for a long time, but that’s okay.

Next weekend, if it doesn’t rain, we are going to Monster Jam with Turbo and his parents. That should be so fun! Oldest son and daughter-in-law insist that it’s grandparents day and grandparents get in free. This is an ongoing discussion :-) But so far, Wizard and I are not winning this debate, even though we can’t any evidence of it being “grandparents get in free day.” It’s an ongoing joke now.

Today, after a long delay, they are supposed to start on our retaining walls and concrete. Fingers crossed that nothing else gets in the way. All that is going to be an even bigger work in progress, but getting this part done will make the outside spaces more functional. The pretty parts of things like plants, turf and pavers will come later…probably much later  :-)

How was your weekend?

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  1. Silver James
    January 9th, 2023 at 8:59 am · Link

    Wow! BIG dogs. And look at those faces! *makes smoochy noises* Yay for Maggie making friends. Yay for long hikes, TV hanging, family time, grandparents day/Monster Jam con, and soon-to-be retaining wall.

    Gotta start with Friday first. Jake went to the honors assemply with us. The school has a teacher with a dog she’s training to be the school therapy dog. Sada is Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix and still motly a puppy. When not at school, she lives with fainting goats. Not much other dog interaction. She was in the foyer when we came in so we took about five minutes for Jake and Sada to meet. It was funny. Jake was calm and cool. Jada was all WTF IS THAT THING MOM!?!?!? (I’m not sure how Sada is spelled but pronounced Say-dah.)

    Saturday, LG headed off to his oratorical judging duites. I didn’t have to cover his siren so I got to piddle around until time to go for lunch. Only and Stormy ran a 5K training race in prep for the OKC Bombing Memorial run in April. Then she did her siren and we all met up at our fave TexMex place. Food was AWESOME! LG got home, we took naps and then headed out for the late soccer game. Stormy’s team won! (Finally!) I don’t know where the kid gets his energy from.

    Sunday was just a regular day but for going over to Uncle Fix-It and Aunt Hooey’s house for “belated” Christmas. Turned out one of her neices had Covid over the holidays and now the rest of her family is getting it. They are so happy she was already under the weather and didn’t go. We had pumpking and apple pies and opened presents. And visited. It was really laid back and enjoyable. Jake was frantic by the time we got home and while we could probably take him and turn him loose in their backyard, it’s just better to leave him home. We both took naps again, only I slept until about 8:30. Ugh. Tough to get back to sleep last night and then leg cramps. Double ugh. I have meds and rubs to deal with them but they wake me up so I can take the meds and rub in the rubs and it takes awhile to get back to sleep. Anyway, no Wallyworld today. I’ll go tomorrow.

    Laid back weekend with family time, good food, and naps. It’s all good! Have a great week, all.

  2. Viki S.
    January 9th, 2023 at 3:46 pm · Link

    Love that photo!!! Those are BIG puppies 😃. I have found that the big pups are often the sweetest. That was a nice long hike you all went on. Too bad you didn’t have your camera but it probably would have been difficult to take photos with the dogs.

    Good thing all those guys got together and hung the TV. I’m guessing that having three men made it a much easier job to do.

    I sure hope you all get to go to Monster Jam. Harrison and his parents went this past Saturday. He LOVED it!

    I have my fingers crossed that you don’t get that rain and the retaining walls go up. The sooner the better. With everything else that you’ve had to do it’s understandable that the plants will come a little later 😊.

    My weekend was not fun. W/O going into detail there are issues going on with hubs and it’s been hard.

    My mother has also been VERY bad the past few days. My brother went over and got her to drink some broth on Saturday and when I called her on Sunday she was a tiny bit better than the day before. I couldn’t call her today. I hope that when I talk to her tomorrow she is feeling better.

    Did get all the Christmas stuff put away 🙂.

    I hope you have a really great afternoon!

  3. Jenn
    January 9th, 2023 at 4:24 pm · Link

    Silver, the dogs are hard to resist. They love kisses and hugs. And treats, LOL. But like Maggie, they are good dogs. When I pull out treats, the three of them sit in a line and wait their turn. I need to get a picture of it, it’s so adorable.

    Sada sounds like a very curious dog! If she’s around goats, she should probably get used to dogs pretty quick. Plus Jake is the best! )I really wish I could meet him :-( ) But back to Sada — that’s also a very cool name. I hadn’t heard it before.

    I love that Only and Stormy are training to run in the 5K for the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial. It’s so important to keep the memory of that horrible event alive. I still get chills just thinking about that terrible morning (it was morning here) when I saw the breaking news.

    Yay for Stormy’s team!! I’d like to know where he gets his energy too :-) But Turbo is the same.

    Sometimes those smaller celebrations are so much better. We did my sister and her husband after Christmas and I enjoyed it more in some ways. I’m very sorry about the Covid outbreak among your aunts family, but glad she didn’t go and get it.

    Man I’m sorry about the leg cramps. That sounds awful. I can totally sympathize with the woes of interrupted sleep. It’s so hard to get enough sleep these days for some of us. I hope the leg cramps ease up.

    Glad you had a good weekend, and here’s too a great week!

  4. Jenn
    January 9th, 2023 at 4:44 pm · Link

    Viki, they are sweethearts! But they have parents who raised them to be balanced, well-adjusted dogs with good supervision. Sadly, not all dogs are so lucky.

    They are trenching today, the rain is coming tomorrow and again this weekend. That will slow things, but hopefully not undo all the work they are doing today. These guys work so hard! But yeah, the rain is looking pretty bad on already soak ground. Up in Northern CA is really bad.

    I’m so sorry about your weekend and hubs. I understand you don’t want to share details.

    You’re poor mom. I’m so sorry, and hope she can eat more soon and feel a bit stronger. I can only imagine how much you worry since she lives alone now.

    That’s an accomplishment to get all the Christmas stuff put away!

    Hope your week gets better!

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