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Wednesday, January 11th, 2023
What Are You Reading?

I just finished listening to “Carrie Soto Is Back” by Taylor Jenkins Reid. She’s one of my favorite authors I discovered in the last few years, and this one did not disappoint. It’s about a retired female tennis star trying to make a comeback to defend her record for winning the most Grand Slam titles. I’m not a huge tennis fan, but I really enjoyed the matches in this book. At times, Wizard would hear bits of the book, and he kept getting sucked in, LOL. I was surprised how engaging all the tennis matches were, especially on audio where it can be easier to lose track.

Sometimes authors really piss me off for being this good :-) Okay I don’t really get mad, I admire their skill and work. I’ve always believed that any insecurities I feel in my own skill and talent is my problem. If I ever write a book just for fun, it’d be either a women’s fiction with this kind of emotional insight, or another fun, yet emotional cozy-like mystery series. I say cozy-like because I can’t color within the lines on cozy mystery. It’s just not in my author’s “voice” to do it. But my Samantha Shaw Mysteries broke the rules and did pretty well despite that.

Total aside here. Wait this is actually the second time I’m off topic of reading, but who’s counting? Anyhow, I hired my agent after I published my first Samantha Shaw Mystery. I arranged a meeting with her when I was in New York to see if we were the right fit, and she said something along the lines of, “I read your first book, you can actually write.” I spurted whatever beverage I was drinking, and pretty much once I could stop laughed and wiped away the tears, I hired her. I’d hire her again if I needed representation. I appreciate that kind of bluntness.

But I’m not writing at the moment so that’s just a passing thought on genres I’d write just for my own enjoyment.

In other reading, I read nearly all of the cookbook I recently bought. The author had a lot of stories of his own life in there (all somewhat related to cooking) and I enjoyed those. Plus I like reading recipes that interest me. I plan to try the pizza dough recipe in there this week. I’ve never made pizza dough so who knows what will happen.

I haven’t read any physical books yet, but I pulled three out of a still packed box and hope to read them soon. By the way, we’re keeping those boxes packed until we redo the office some day long in the future.

That’s my reading this week, what are you reading and/or listening too?

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    January 11th, 2023 at 7:19 am · Link

    Yay for finding good books! LOL, yeah, they piss me off, too, but in a totally good way. Even some of my friend-writers have pissed me off from time to time… :cough:Jenn&Silver:cough: But that’s on me. I’d love to see you writing again, if only for yourself, but I totally get it. LOL about the agent. Yes, you can totally write. Yay for a good cookbook and good luck with the pizza dough.

    I’ve been reading a lot of hardcopy books lately, because I’ve been feeding my inner book-hoarder at the thrift stores. I just finished another awesome Vince Flynn. (If you like political thrillers, he’s the man. Good guy kicking bad guy ass. I can read that stuff all day long. And often do.) Right now, I’m reading a Ngaio Marsh mystery. It’s pretty good, if a little weird to start. Next up is either a Victoria Holt of a Phyllis Whitney. Yay!

  2. Silver James
    January 11th, 2023 at 12:54 pm · Link

    Yeah. I’ll read (or more usually listen) to a book and think, Damn! I want to write that well! so it’s something that hits all of us. I’m still waiting on my eye appointment to come through. The lock-down has really put a crimp in the clinic’s agenda. I’ve nudged them again so hopefully I’ll hear something soon. I miss reading. I LOVE audio books, but I miss reading when I hit a book like I just finished–BLOOD HEIR by Ilona Andrews. Great story but the narrator screwed up soooo much–name pronunciations, character accents, etc. Irks me beyond tolerance. Anyway…

    I just finished a marathon listen of the Kate Daniels world books by Andrews. Nothing new out there caught my attention and the Gordons (Ilona and Andrew) have a new KD novella coming out soon, though it isn’t available yet in audio. I’ve downloaded CLEAN SWEEP, another relisten from Ilona Andrews’ Innkeeper Chronicles series. New book hits the shelves tomorrow so I’ll do a marathon of previous books to refresh my memory. There’re a pot-load of characters and situations and I’ve only listened to the series once. Yeah, I’m sticking to my comfort zone of UF/fantasy/paranormal books/series. I’m in one of those funky reading spaces at the moment so sticking with tried and true rather than subjecting some unsuspecting book with my headspace.

    What I really need to be doing is writing my own damn book. :lol: :roll: Happy reading, all!

  3. Viki S.
    January 11th, 2023 at 3:17 pm · Link

    I just finished reading the cookbook I got out of the library. We’re on the same wavelength again.

    The retired tennis player book sounds different. Nice to hear how well the author has written the matches. I think it would be very hard to do.

    I hope the rain isn’t too bad for you and all is okay.

    Have a good afternoon.

  4. Jennifer Lyon Apodaca
    January 11th, 2023 at 6:35 pm · Link

    B.E., LOL on friend-writers! I’ve been there too :-)

    I haven’t read a political thriller in a while, so I’ll definitely check out Vince Flynn. Ironically, I saw one of his books at Target today as I was walking by, but I wasn’t looking for a hardback.

    Lot’s a great mystery reads!

  5. Jennifer Lyon Apodaca
    January 11th, 2023 at 6:40 pm · Link

    Silver, you’ve been trying to get that eye appointment forever! I’m now really annoyed on your behalf. That’s not right, even with the pandemic problems.

    There’s a lot to be said about staying in your comfort zone, especially when trying to write in our own world. Especially since you tend to read in order. For as organized as I am in some things, I can read out of order — which is weird.

    Hope you get time to read and write!

  6. Jennifer Lyon Apodaca
    January 11th, 2023 at 6:49 pm · Link

    Viki, it’s a little freaky how often we are on the same wavelength! I don’t know many people who read cookbooks.

    This author had a knack for capturing the characters tension in the tennis matches while keeping those scenes short so the book kept moving. It’s a great skill as an author.

    We okay with the rain. It’s a lot, but manageable so far here. Some areas have had major problems. It looks like we have three days or so before the next storm in the atmospheric river, and that helps. Thanks for asking!

  7. B.E. Sanderson
    January 12th, 2023 at 7:45 am · Link

    If you try Vince Flynn, make sure it’s one of the ones he actually wrote. Since he died, they have someone else doing his books. Start with Term Limits. It’s a standalone and not part of his Mitch Rapp series, but it’s a good one.

  8. Jennifer Lyon Apodaca
    January 12th, 2023 at 5:07 pm · Link

    B.E., thank you! I’ll go look for it now!

  9. Jennifer Lyon Apodaca
    January 12th, 2023 at 5:11 pm · Link

    B.E., I ordered a used hardback of Term Limits, so again, thanks. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  10. B.E. Sanderson
    January 12th, 2023 at 7:42 pm · Link

    I hope you enjoy it. =o)

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