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Friday, January 13th, 2023
Weekend Roundup

TGIF! We are nearing half way through the first month of 2023! Okay, let’s get right into sharing five random things about our weeks. Here’s mine:

  1. The weather. So parts of California have been hit really hard with the rains. I think the number now is 18 people killed, which is very sad. There’s been some very dramatic mud slides and scary sinkholes. But our area so far is okay. Our neighborhood is at the base of the National Forest, but fortunately, we’ve had several years of growth there since the fires that savaged that forest. That should help to keep those hills stable. Before this housing track was built, they put in significant drainage, I know because I watched them do it. It’s also helpful that we are getting about four days of dry weather before the next in the series of storms expected to hit. The upside of all this is the hills are so pretty. I’m enjoying the rain more with the nice breaks.
  2. I ordered a pair of hiking shoes. I opted not to get boots, I don’t do serious enough hiking to need that. But these are waterproof and designed for hiking.  I hope they work.
  3. We are getting the hardscape portion of our landscaping! This crew is so danged hardworking! I’m always impressed by good skilled laborers. They are building the retaining walls, all the drainage (we added more and better drainage than what the housing track put in) planters and will pour all the concrete. The rest of the landscaping will come later, but having this much will be great. They’ll get as much as the can done before the predicted rains on Saturday, then return once that has stopped and the areas are dry enough to continue.
  4. So yesterday I went to buy some oat flour, but the store I went to didn’t have it, so I bought a “gluten free” flour made of rice flour and various other substances. I was an idiot to buy that, it’s not what I wanted. But I also did NOT want to go to Walmart in the afternoon to get the oat flour :-) Now I’m unhappy with the chocolate chip cookies I made. We’ll see when we taste test them later, but just trying to get these things to bake enough without burning was a challenge. It’s my own fault! I do think the oat flour would have worked better, and I also think I need to reconsider the recipe I’m using for gluten and dairy free. I prefer real butter and flour cookies, but my stomach has been having some epic toddle tempter tantrum for two weeks now and I’m trying to appease it with cookies because how else down you calm uber cranky toddlers????
  5. This weekend we’re supposed to go to Monster Jam with Turbo but probably not if it’s raining. While they will probably still run and be awesome to watch, sitting in the rain doesn’t sound like fun. We’ll see.

So that’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    January 13th, 2023 at 7:53 am · Link

    Dang, sorry to hear about the people killed out there by the rains. I’m glad they put extra drainage in your neighborhood and that you’re supplementing it with your own landscaping. Go you! Yay for new shoes! I hope they work the way you want them to. Bummer about the cookies. I hope they’re at least tasty and can calm your inner toddler. Fingers crossed you do to do the Monster Jam thing with Turbo.

    1) Work actually utilized me for my writing chops this week. It was just editing an important letter, but my rewrite got many kudos. Yay.
    2) I’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger this week. I am so ready for the weekend.
    3) I won the MegaMillions lottery this week… okay, it was only the $2 prize, but I still won. ;o)
    4) Last night, I took some hashbrown potatoes, mushrooms and chicken and fried it all up together for dinner. It was pretty yummy.
    5) Mmm, coffee. I drank a pot of it yesterday. I was flyin’, but it helped me keep up with the pace. And I still managed to get to sleep last night. Yay.

  2. Silver James
    January 13th, 2023 at 8:58 am · Link

    Yay for all the good stuff, boo on grocery oops, fingers crossed 🤞🏼 for Turbo Time, and our weather guru keeps saying that most of Cali will no longer be in severe drought conditions once this atmospheric river stops running. The deaths are sad, like the tornado deaths in Alabama yesterday. For once, we can sit back and relax. Okay my very pitiful five:

    1. Stormy is back in school so Big Daddy goes to pick him up after school, except on Wednesday. I’m so glad they get this time together. They do stuff on the way home. And they talk. I get a play-by-play over dinner, after Stormy’s gone home because he so often amuses his grandfather. It’s cute. 🥰

    2. Writing. There was some this week. Not much, but some. Hoping to do better today. 🤔

    3. Friday the 13th. I’m superstitious but not about today, black cats, or mirrors. I knock wood, I throw spilled salt over my shoulder, and I say “Bread and butter” if the person I’m walking with and I “split” a post, pillar, etc. by one going on one side, one on the other. I never claimed to be normal. :roll:

    4. I’ve been looking at gas ranges. So far, it has been a futile endeavor. No one manufactures anything close to what I’ve got (which is OVER 30 years old now). Double ovens are small and way too expensive. I don’t want/need wifi enabled. And I want solid space on the stove for putting things like lids and spoons/spatulas. I don’t really have a countertop that is handy for that. And now the stupid government wants to ban them! GAH! I don’t know of one restaurant chef who prefers electric. My dad completely remodeled our kitchen, taking out the electric cook top and plumbing for gas which was a mess because the cook top was on a penisula rather than an exterior wall. Anyway…yes, I was reaching for “one more thing.” 🤣 Though I am frustrated in my search. The stove I have is on its last legs and I’m nursing it along.

    5. Poor Pete. Yesterday was laundry day. While I was switching loads from washer to dryer, he got right under my feet without me being aware and I stepped on him. That elicited a yowl from both of us. Then this morning, while I was dealing with some garage stuff while he was SUPPOSED to be eating his gushy food, I didn’t realize he was under my feet again. And yeah, I stepped on him. Yesterday, he let me pet him and apologise. This morning? Yeah, no. He’s totally put out with me. I’ll have to grovel or something. Oh well. 🙀

    And that’s my five. I think we have soccer tomorrow. Not sure. Other than that, we plan on a laid-back, stay-down-and-in kind of weekend. Have a good one, all!

  3. Viki S.
    January 13th, 2023 at 4:05 pm · Link

    1. I am so glad to hear that your development was smart in the build right up front to keep the homes safe from water.
    2. GOOD! Hiking shoes are wonderful for those that don’t do long hikes. Shoes will be perfect for the hikes that you and Maggie do.
    3. Praying that most of the retaining walls are up before the rains come.
    4. Rice flour is hard to bake with. My mom says it took her several attempts before she figured it out. Maybe the cookies will still taste good and the cranky toddler will be a happy camper.
    5. I really hope the rain holds off and you get to take Turbo to Monster truck. Harrison loved it and Turbo will too. But you are right. If it’s raining and muddy it’s not as much fun and it’s less safe.

    1a. We had about 1 1/2″ of rain yesterday and then it turned to snow. The poor tress are all bent over and loaded with 5 inches of the white stuff. It’s really pretty but it damages the trees. Oh, it’s still snowing.
    2a. It’s tough here and only youngest knows what’s going on. He’s such a help to us (me).
    3a. Tomorrow is youngest’s ladies birthday but we can’t go out or anything. I feel awful about that but she’s a real trooper.
    4a. My brother had a very difficult time with the radiation at the beginning of the week. I’ll call him tomorrow and see if it got better.
    5a. My generator light came on so I had to have it serviced yesterday. They agreed that it was in “no run” mode but couldn’t figure out why. It’s working now. The power fan for the attic went in the other day. Looks like another super expensive month.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Jenn
    January 13th, 2023 at 4:19 pm · Link

    B.E., thanks. It looks like Alabama got hit hard by tornados yesterday, and Georgia too. Mother Nature is not in a good mood. The cookies taste okay. Wizard thinks they are good, but I don’t love the slightly grainy texture and an kind of uncooked flour aftertaste. But I’m being intentionally picky.

    1) That must have felt great on your letter revision! Kudos to you!
    2) It sounds like a crazy week there.
    3) Congrats on your win!! $2.00 definitely counts!
    4) You are great at pulling together a tasty dinner like that.
    5) You likely burned up all that caffeine with your fast-paced work day!

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  5. Jenn
    January 13th, 2023 at 4:35 pm · Link

    Silver, the rains and snow pack will definitely help the drought, and hopefully tip us out of the severe zone. Unfortunately, we don’t capture and safely retain enough water when we get it. Our infrastructure has not kept up with demand. But all this rain and snow will help for sure and I’m happy for that.

    1) Stormy is so lucky to have a great grandfather (and grandmother!)
    2) Hope you got some writing done today.
    3) Normal is boring, while you are always fun!
    4) I agree on ovens! I hope you find the right one. It’s so frustrating.
    5) Pete!! He can’t be mad at you when he’s under your feet. Oh wait, he’s a cat :-) Maybe you can offer tuna fish as an apology???

    Have a great weekend whether or not there’s a soccer game! Also keep us updated on your stove search!

  6. Jenn
    January 13th, 2023 at 7:05 pm · Link

    Viki, the retaining walls are up, they are finishing up the caps now. They will have to wait on the cement (I think), but it’s really moving along. The cookies are ok, but I think oat flour might be better.

    1) Yeah that much snow would be a lot of weight for trees. I hope the snow gives you guys a break.
    2) I’m so glad you have youngest. It sounds like this situation might be serious (I hope not!) and I’m relieved that you have some support.
    3) Youngest’s lady sounds like a great gal. Happy Birthday to her, and you can celebrate when the time is right. Now it seems like you need to focus on things at home.
    4) Gosh I’m sorry your brain had a difficult time. I was hoping it would go more like the two people I know who has had radiation treatments. I really hope he’s feeling better.
    5) Well at least it’s working now. But man I feel for you on the expensive month thing. Those always hurt.

    I hope you have a good weekend.

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