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Monday, April 3rd, 2023
Weekend Roundup

It was a good weekend, which I appreciate.

Saturday was a lot of running around and chores, but in that, Wizard and put together my new planter. I think it’s going to be perfect! I can’t wait to go get my herbs later this week and get them planted (I ran out of time over the weekend to do that). I’m thinking that even though I could put then directly in the planter, I’d rather keep them divided into pots or bags.

Sunday, Wizard went to his race, and I headed out to see Turbo and Special K. I got to see oldest too but it’s tax season so he stayed home and worked while we had fun. Anyway, we took Turbo to the Easter Egg Hunt that we thought would be a small casual thing, LOLOL! There had to be close to 50 kids there! But it was a blast. This is just a little community even that a mom organized and I’m impressed! Turbo had fun! He took his collection of plastic eggs with us to lunch and had so much fun looking through his eggs to discover small candies, toys like stickers and a few coins. These were small treats but to him they were little treasures that he enjoyed it immensely. I love that we can still do community things that are just simple fun.  I also love spending time with my daughter-in-law. She’s smart, caring, and very easy to be around.

I also took Turbo a chocolate Easter bunny because I can :-) And his parents are pretty chill about this stuff (although I check with them first because they are the parents). Turbo, in turn, sent a few pieces of his candy from the Easter hunt home for Grandpa. That was so sweet!

That was my weekend, how was yours?

P.S. Hope everyone was safe from the T-storms and Tornados hitting parts of the country!

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  1. Viki S.
    April 3rd, 2023 at 2:55 pm · Link

    I agree with you on keeping your herbs in separate pots within the planter. That way if one has different watering needs or any other thing comes up all the others will be okay.
    Sounds like the egg hunt was a success and tons of fun. How sweet of Turbo to share his finds with Grandpa.

    Tax season has to be crazy. I’m glad you got to see eldest even if it was for a short time. After the middle of the month you should be able to have more time together.

    Did Wizard win his race/es? I hope so. How was the cheesecake? Because you mentioned it that’s our dessert on Easter.

    I did a bunch of stuff around the house this weekend with hubs gone. Youngest came over and helped me hang some pictures. They look good. I also opened a bottle of wine and had 1/2 of it. It’s now in the refrigerator so it doesn’t go bad. I’ll bring it out Sunday with the Easter ham.

    We had really bad winds and a storm Saturday and youngest lost power again. He had to come over and finish his laundry.

    Today when I looked out into the woods, I noticed that the storm took down two huge (3 to4 feet diameter) trees. Bummer.

    I hope you’re having a great day.

  2. Jenn
    April 3rd, 2023 at 4:51 pm · Link

    Viki, that’s my thinking on the plants :-) And, yep it’ll begin to slow down for Oldest and Youngest after this week. We’re all used to it now.

    No Wizard didn’t win, but he had fun and that’s what’s important. His birthday is tomorrow so I’m attempting the cheesecake today. It’s a new recipe and I already messed up one step, but hoping it comes out okay anyway. I’m trying to do too many things today, LOL.

    Hope your Easter cheesecake comes out amazing!

    It sounds like you enjoyed your “time off” and I’m happy to hear that. It’s important to get breaks. And of course Youngest came over to help!

    Ugh on the winds. Hope his power came back on with no issues. So sad about the trees. We had a huge oak go down in a part (ironically named for the two old oak trees standing there).

    Hope your week is going well so far!

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