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Monday, May 8th, 2023
Weekend Roundup

We enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend.

First we got our new patio table got go with our chairs. Wizard and I went to pick it up and I couldn’t quite lift my end of the box. I’d get it part way, the table would tilt and I’d lose control. A guy walking by saw me struggling, jogged over, took my end, and he and Wizard slid the table in our SUV. I was so grateful! Sometimes, people you’ve never met will be there when you need them! We love this space.

Here’s a pic of the table and chairs.

And here’s a pic of our view this weekend:


Then Saturday we had Wizard’s brother and sister and their spouses over. I spent two days making sourdough bread (for bruschetta appetizers), two kinds of enchiladas and an apple pie. So Maggie knew something was up. Then an hour before they came over, I put Maggie’s little scarf back on her. That confirmed her belief people were coming over. Here she is staring at the front door and waiting for company to get there! Wizard and I were cracking up. She loves company!

We had a good time with his family. These days, we just don’t get together as much as we should. And I should mention, I enjoy doing all that cooking when I have the time and energy. They were all very appreciate, but no one expects me to work that hard unless I want to do it :-)

Sunday was our quiet day and I loved it!

So how was your weekend?

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  1. Silver James
    May 8th, 2023 at 8:07 am · Link

    Love the outdoor space and yay for family, food, and good weather. Best of all, yay for helphful strangers. There ARE good people out there amongst the alpha hotels. Best of all, yay for Maggie! She’s such a sweet girl. 🥰

    It was hot here. We went from winter to summer in 24 hours. We got one day with no heat or AC. Now the ACis going full blast. Ah well.

    Stormy’s last soccer match was Saturday. They won. Yay. Everybody got medals. I suspect Stormy and his “brother from an other mother” G-man will be in a more competitive league whenever they play again. That’s the only sports I’ll discuss.

    I “managed” (with help from LG) to “pinch” the web of my right hand. No blood blister because it took a strip of skin about 1″ x 1/2″ in size. Still hurts like bloody blue blazes and I have to soak the gauze pad to change it because it sticks to the wound. Sorry. Hope everyone has had breakfast already. LOL

    That’s about the sum total of my weekend. I’m hoping for a productive week. We’ll see. First, though, Wallyworld. Have a good one, all!

  2. Viki S.
    May 8th, 2023 at 3:01 pm · Link

    My internet keeps going out so this will e quick and hopefully it will post.

    I really like your outdoor set up. That was so nice of that man to lend you a hand. Every once in a while my faith in humanity returns.

    What a lovely sky. Your view is very nice. I’m glad you had a nice weekend and had a good time visiting with Wizard’s family.

    Maggie is SO smart. She’s really pretty too.

    My weekend was not the best. Friday night hubs started worrying about what to bring on Sunday to Monster Truck. It went on for hours.

    Saturday the day was a mess for me and trying to get stuff done. Then we went to this local place for a quick easy dinner only they screwed mine up so bad that hubs was done and waiting and my meal still hadn’t arrived. Well, the Leo came out and I informed them what they could do with the meal when it finally showed up. To their credit they didn’t argue and didn’t charge me. Only problem is I had no food.

    Sunday C shows up to take them to Dayton for Monster Truck and hubs seems okay. Well, he only made it through1/2 the show when he told Harrison’s dad a lie, that he told me he’d be home by 3. If that had been the case they would have had to turn right around to come home once they got there. C handled it well and they just left.

    Today hasn’t been much better. The internet was a problem yesterday and today. But it is warm and sunny.

    I hope you have a great afternoon.

  3. Jenn
    May 8th, 2023 at 4:49 pm · Link

    Silver, that moment of the guy jumping into help, then going on with his day really made me happy. Maggie also makes me happy :-)

    You guys did a weather 180! I’m sorry you didn’t get your quota of heat and a/c free days :-(

    Go Stormy and his friend!! And I won’t bring up any other sports :-)

    Yikes, that had to hurt! Is it possible to coat the bandage with a little Neosporin or even Vaseline before you put it on the wound? It should help with the sticking if that’s possible. Man, that’s going to be sore and a total PAIN in the butt when you try to do anything with that hand. I’m so sorry that happened.

    Hope you got through Wallyworld without causing any more insults to your hand. Then rest it until that wound gets going on the healing process!

  4. Jenn
    May 8th, 2023 at 4:54 pm · Link

    Viki, so sorry about your internet. That’s just aggravating.

    Thanks on our outdoor space. I can’t really do it justice in the pics, partly because the patio is shaded. But what matters is we really like and enjoy it. It’s what we want at this time in our lives (we will miss the pool this summer, but that’s okay too).

    Maggie says “Thanks” too!

    Boy, you had a crummy and stressful weekend. The restaurant thing has happened to us too, and it’s not fun. I’m really sorry.

    It seems you new this weekend was not going to work well with hubs. I can’t do much but listen and hope things will get better somehow. It does sound like your kids understand though.

    I really hope your week is starting off better than your weekend.

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