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Wednesday, June 21st, 2023
Wednesday: The Good and the Bad

I’m going to do this backward — first the bad.

Here’s a pic of Maggie in one of her favorite spots 12 days after her hernia surgery:

I took this pic right before I wrote this blog. She looks good and acts normal, so I took her on a normal walk yesterday. When we got home, she threw up a little. I had an instant attack of major guilt. What the heck was I thinking???? Did I take her too far, push her too hard? But she was absolutely fine the rest of the day. And she has a history of occassionally throwing up for no reason anyone can find, so who knows? Wizard and I have been distracted with very serious worry about someone else we love, but that’s no excuse for me to be careless with Maggie. Her health and recovery are important too, so I’m going to keep her walks limited for another week or so.

Now for my good. My adult nephew stopped by unexpectedly. That was a joy! He was working in the area so he just popped in. I was in the middle of cleaning bathrooms and looked awful in my tank top and rubber gloves, LOL! But he didn’t seem to care, so I didn’t care either. He really brightened our day! Maggie met him once before, and clearly remembered him. She was as happy as we were to see him.

So that’s my good and bad, what’s yours?

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  1. Silver James
    June 21st, 2023 at 6:57 am · Link

    I’m betting Maggie is fine and I’d walk her a bit further than the end of the block to help her build up her stamina again. Yay for unexpected but happy drop-in visitors!

    Good and bad, huh? Good–Stormy is enjoying his STEM camps. This week is basically E-sports for Kids. So many colleges have E-sport teams now AND scholarships that I’m all for him playing supervised video games for 4 hours for four days.

    Bad: Heat advisory yesterday. It was only 93 actual temp but with the humidity, the heat index was 106. Gonna be more of the same for the rest of the week. Also, it’s the first day of summer. The good news on that daylight will start to diminish soon after the longest day of the year!

    Happy Hump Day!

  2. Viki S.
    June 21st, 2023 at 2:49 pm · Link

    Maggie must have given you a fright. I hope she’s all better now. Silver has a great idea to help Maggie build her stamina back up. If only our fur babies could tell us when they’re not feeling up to par. It would really help us out.

    How nice of your nephew to stop by. Unexpected visits are so nice. Maggie proved once again how smart she is in that she remembered having met him once before.

    I laughed about your cleaning bathroom attire because I have shorts and a shirt that I only wear to clean bathrooms. If bleach gets on them, no one cares ☺.

    Good – I’m going for a massage tomorrow.

    Good and Bad – My brother is home from the hospital but has had no luck getting ahold of the cardio dr. He saw his primary today and she is taking over getting him set up with the cardiologist. He has to see a pulmonary specialist about the fibromas in his lungs. Tomorrow he goes back to primary because the gout has travelled into his knee. They are going to drain the fluid and shoot him up with cortisone. THEN they said they wanted him to see a specialist to have his deviated septum fixed. He laughed at them – end of that conversation 😄. Honestly, why would they even bring that up with all the major problems he has? Well, it gave us a chuckle.

    It’s hot and humid here but not as bad as Silver has it. We’re only in the mid 80’s.

    Have a fantastic afternoon!

  3. Jenn
    June 21st, 2023 at 5:49 pm · Link

    Silver, I agree, and I walked her to the school and back, which is 3/4s of a mile, then I went back out alone to finish 2 miles. She did fine. I’m going to keep it around there through Friday and then see if she’s up to adding more.

    Glad Stormy is enjoying his STEM Camps. I had no idea colleges were including e-sports, that’s interesting. The world changes as I often remind Wizard :-)

    OMG I saw that heat advisory for you and some of your neighboring states. Huge sympathies and hope you don’t have any power issues!

  4. Jenn
    June 21st, 2023 at 6:01 pm · Link

    Viki, I was just really mad at myself more than anything. Maggie did great today and wanted to keep going, but I refused to let her. We’ll keep it under a mile through the weekend — or if we do more we’ll split it into two walks.

    LOL, we are bathroom cleaning twins! It’s definitely not a look I’d want to be caught in by just anyone :-)

    A massage is something to look forward too!

    And wow, you’re poor brother! Hope they can get the fibromas resolved quickly. I’m glad you both found something to laugh about too. It is interesting that they brough up the deviated septum.

    Hope the heat and humidity dial down for you!

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