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Wednesday, July 19th, 2023
Wednesday Update

A longish but good update: Wizard’s surgery went well. He’s swollen, sore and surprised :-) He’s had this surgery before about five or six years ago, and he keeps saying it hurts more this time. I don’t think it does, though. He just has a tendency to not remember the pain. Plus this time, they kept him more awake (but in no pain) during the procedure so he’s less groggy. However once I showed him a picture of the swelling, that triggered his memory the last time. I found that interesting.

This kind of selective memory is how women have more than one child, LOL!

Is it making fun of Wizard to tell you all that he looks like he got in the ring with Mike Tyson :-) So when they brought him out to the car, they had ice on his eyes so they were covered. I didn’t get a look at him until I was driving and he took the ice off for a minute — it’s a good thing I knew what to expect, and even so, I winced in sympathy. But aside from that first second of shock, it looks like it should.

I’m dead tired (as I’m writing this yesterday afternoon), but glad to have it all done, although I don’t love him having discomfort now and he’s only supposed to take Tylenol. It will be worth it though assuming the surgery works as intended. It’s a really cool procedure that helps Wizard keep his eyelids open enough to have a bigger field of vision. It worked before and we expect it to work again.

Maggie is in boarding for another night. I was going to pick her up, but the new owner of the place called and asked if she could stay another night, then she’d give her a bath and cut her nails in the morning. I asked how Maggie was doing there, and she said she’s made friends with two bulldogs, so I agreed. This actually makes it easier on me so I can do quick errands, take care of Wizard and not worry about her accidently tripping him this first 24 hours after the surgery.  I also have to run to a doctor appointment tomorrow morning, then I’ll pick her up. But gosh, we miss her! However I’m happy she’s having fun with some doggy friends.

So that’s my update. All is well so far. How’s your day going?

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  1. Silver James
    July 19th, 2023 at 10:34 am · Link

    Sooo glad Wiz is recuperating! Only had to have that procedure (if it’s the one I’m thinking of) twice in the eye that required all the surgeries and procedures. Not fun but the pain goes away and the results are so worth it! Yay for Maggie finding new friends, and yes, having her not underfoot is a blessing so you can get things done.

    Trying to find a new vet is as tough as finding a people doctor. We FINALLY got Jake an appointment but it’s not until Monday. Our first choice never returned the voice-mail message. The second couldn’t get him in until August 1 (but at least they didn’t think it was a dire emergency but understood why we wouldn’t want to wait that long. At least a real person answered and she gave two recommendations. The third one had a phone tree thing (if you want this press that, etc). I hung up when there was no option for a real person. I called the 4th (which is a very small practice and I figured they’d have a longer wait) but they can get him in on Monday. The vet tech said if we get worried, there’s an urgent care that will see him with no appointment but they’re a bit pricey. We’ll keep an eye on him. He’s not “touchy” about the ear, though we are careful around it, there’s no discharge, and he’s eating, etc. normally. We’ll still go Monday to get his vaccines, etc.

    Other than that, it’s HOT! 🥵🔥🥵 Hopefully, things well cool off Friday/Saturday time frame. There’s a not-as-hot front coming in Thursday overnight.

    Y’all hang in there!

  2. Jenn
    July 19th, 2023 at 3:47 pm · Link

    Silver, the results will so be worth it! Glad it worked out for Only too. Very true on Maggie — it was a rough night so better she was at boarding. Wizard is showing good improvement today, though.

    On, man, I feel for you on the vet for Jake! I got lucky when Maggie had the abscess and got in with a new to me and very good vet. But I know how lucky I was! It does sound like Jake’s okay for now, and I REALLY hope you don’t have to take him to an Urgent Care. At least here it’s so expensive and have long waits. But that could just be California. In the meantime, you’re doing all you can for him.

    Tell Jake he’s being such a good boy for me! Fingers crossed you find a vet you’re happy with soon.

    Yeah, summer is here and she’s bringing the heat.

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