Jennifer Lyon
Thursday, October 22nd, 2009
Answers! Winners!

This was fun for me :-)

The correct answers to Tuesday’s questions are:

1) Sutton

2) Axel

3) Axel

4) Sutton

5) Sutton

6) Axel

The winners (assuming I checked answer correctly) are:





The winners can choose a book from my BRAVA backlist written as Jennifer Apodaca. The titles are:

Wicked Women Whodunit Anthology

The Sex on the Beach Book Club

Sun, Sand, Sex Anthology

Extremely Hot.

Winners, email me your choice of book and address at And if I missed a winner, let me know!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
Sutton or Axel?

Just for fun, I’ve posted random lines of dialogue from a random scene of BLOOD MAGIC.  For fun, take a shot at telling who said each line, Axel or Sutton? They are mixed up.

1) “Can you have sex with her and not kill her?”

2) “She won’t know how to remove the curse, I’m so screwed.”

3) “Yes, but she’s in me now.”

4) “We know that sex with more women helps us control the compulsion. Find out if same goes with a witch.”

5) “Is she still alive?”

6) “Felt it. She’s a witch. But does she know she’s a witch.”

I’ll post the answer on Thursday (assuming I remember!)

Monday, October 19th, 2009
Monday Roundup

We had a really good weekend!

Saturday we went to a car show and lunch with our oldest son and his girl friend. Although The Wizard did fall ill with a rather series case of Car Fever.  Again.  I believe the specific strain of this particular fever is labeled “Lexus ISF. ” The cure is very expensive so he’ll just have to sweat it out.

Sunday, we went to see Couple’s Retreat. If you’re married, GO! We cracked up.  The yoga scene did the Wizard in–I laughed at him as hard as I was laughing at the movie.

I started reading another book, read about a hundred pages and stopped. Life is too short to be that bored.  Disgusted, I picked up Alyson Noel’s. BLUE MOON. It’s a YA series about immortals and I really enjoyed the first one.  I was hesitating reading the second one, not sure I was in the mood for YA.  As it turns out, it was just what I needed! I read the books straight through and only have one complaint– it ended too soon and I have to wait for the next book SHADOWLAND to find out what happens.

So how was your weekend?

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

My troll story for the week…

Trolls don't feedEvery couple months we get this yellow bag in the mail with a pick-up date. It’s for charity. We  put the items we no longer want in the bag, and set it in front. The truck comes by, picks it up and leaves us a receipt. It’s worked great for years.

On Monday the Wizard was home.  We both decided to give away the “good” stuff that we’d been saving. Okay, fine, for me I’m talking about expensive skirts and blouses that will never fit me again.

Ever.  And must you rub in it?

Sorry personal moment there :-)

So we fill the bag with some nice clothes.  The wizard takes it out and puts it on the driveway. Not the curb, not the street, but our driveway. We both go about our days. A couple hours later, the wizard hears a car door and goes to the front window.

Two people in a car stopped, grabbed the bag and threw it in the car then raced off. NOT THE  CLEARLY MARKED CHARITY TRUCK.

That’s right, these two drove around and stole the stuff off every one’s driveway.  I’m guessing they wanted to have a TROLL garage sale.

That’s my troll story this week. What’s yours?

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
Excerpt from SOUL MAGIC

This is a moody excerpt,  deep in Sutton’s head.  It’s a partial scene, just a clip, and it’s one of my favorite scenes with Sutton.  It’s unedited, right from my manuscript.  Carla is inside Sutton’s house, doing something he considers dangerous, and he’s outside, trying to stay as far away from her, while making sure she’s safe.


Copyright Jennifer Lyon 2009.

In Stores October 27, 2009

He’d been alone since he was seventeen.

He watched as another wave swelled and lifted higher and higher, then broke. Like the curse inside him that was swelling and unfurling more each day.

When would he break?

His uncle had been thirty-one when he broke. His dad had been thirty-seven when he knew he was on the verge of breaking and ended his own life in a fiery plane crash.

Sutton was thirty-two.

He closed his eyes, trying to draw in the tang of the ocean and wash out his memories.

Instead she filled his mind. Carla. Long white-blond hair, searing eyes with the colors of green, yellow and brown, her incredible body…it was an unendurable torture to want her so badly and know he couldn’t have her.

He dreamed of making love to her, of bringing her to his bed, stripping her of her clothes, looking, touching and tasting his fill. Then filling her with his cock, joining with her as deep as she could take him. Her sweet moans making his balls ache…

Then her screams ripped the dream into a nightmare. He saw the silver knife stabbing her, butchering her.

It was his knife, Sutton was sure of it. He was going rogue, inch by inch, day by day. The nightmare of killing her was becoming more frequent, more violent, until he’d awoken, covered in sweat and the gut cramping fear that he’d killed her.

His dad had known when he’d broken, when the curse had him, and he’d done the right thing.

Sutton knew Carla was the witch who could break him.

How much longer before he broke completely? Not yet, not today, he decided. Not as long as he still cared that she was putting herself in danger from the rogues by hypnotizing the woman who’d shot him.

Not today, but tomorrow? He didn’t know.

Monday, October 12th, 2009
Weekend Roundup

Two weeks until SOUL MAGIC is out! Heck I might even do some promoting on the blog…it could happen!

My weekend was okay.  Saturday was a sad time for a friend so lets just skip that.   Although the wizard and I went to dinner so the day ended nice.

Sunday, I wrote, working both on my current chapter and some blogs I needed to get done.

For half the week, I wasn’t reading at all. Finally I picked up a book by a NYT bestseller than my sister gave me.  It started out with a sex scene in which the author kept stopping the action to lecture on BSMD.

I. Am. Not. Kidding.

I wanted to laugh because it was really bondage-light to begin with.  I read the whole book. I don’t know why. It never got better. Yet people love this author, so it’s just a matter of taste.

That was pretty much my weekend! How was yours?

Thursday, October 8th, 2009
Dear John and Kate

Dear John and Kate,

john and katePlease go away. Please. I’m begging you. I’m so sick of you two chasing cameras and making dramatic accusations while your kids suffer. You two are worse than ambulance chasing lawyers, worse than politicians even.

Seriously. Try yoga, mediation, read a self help book, dig deep and try to find a shred of dignity. And here’s a thought, parent your eight kids.

Get help. Not from Dr. Phil, either.

Just. Go. Away.

Thank you,

Jen Lyon