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Monday, June 24th, 2013
Weekend Roundup

Busy weekend! First we went to the condo that oldest son and Finance (aka her new name is Special K cause Wizard and I love her that much!)  are buying. They were having the inspection done, so Oldest wanted Wizard there.  We love the condo, it’s cute and has tremendous potential! They did very well!

Sunday I went shopping with a good friend and she helped me find a dress. Trust me, this looks better on:

dress for wedding

Wizard wasn’t sure until I tried it on. It’s basically a dark taupe  color and should blend with pictures fine. Special K told me to just find something comfortable, that she truly doesn’t care. So I did :-) She’s not pretentious at all, which means their wedding and reception is going to be fun and fabulous.  Oldest is a very lucky man. The wedding isn’t until the end of August but now I don’t have to worry about the dress!

I do have to worry about cleaning up my diet :-)

I have to tell you, while shopping I saw a guy that I swear was a UFC fighter or something along those lines. We were leaving Macy’s, chatting away, and a man wearing shorts and a tank was walking toward us.

Holy Muscles! This guy was huge! Extremely well proportioned and I was stunned. Totally forgot what I was saying. He had tats on both arms that just accentuated his incredible physique.  When I  recovered my ability to talk, I muttered to my friend, “Way to rock the ink.” This isn’t even my normal speech, but seeing that guy picked me up out of my life and dropped me right in the middle of Sloane’s world from The Plus One Chronicles.

No response from my friend.

So  I looked at her, worried that maybe I was imagining it? The book is heavy on my mind so perhaps I’ve finally snapped and now I’m seeing characters from my books?  “Did you see his arms?”

Her wide, unfocused eyes hit mine. “He had two, right?”

OMG I busted up laughing. And felt better.  I don’t stare and I tried hard not to stare this time, but  the guy was like walking art. I know what it takes to cut extreme muscles like that, and the fact that he was proportioned meant he knew what he was doing. It wasn’t ogling,  it was sheer appreciation.  I wanted to stop and ask him all about his training–but you know, that might be weird.  As in super duper creepy weird :-)

I made a tad bit of progress on my book but man, I’m fighting for every single tiny step forward.

Enough of me. How was your weekend?

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013
Wednesday Worthy

Last night I did a little 15 minutes spot on the radio show  Canned Laughter and Coffee with Renee Bernard.  It was fun, but she totally carried the show.  All promo should be that fun and easy! I didn’t have to pitch my books or any of the usual stuff that gives me migraines.  Once I have a link to the show I’ll share it.

Now that all the promo on POSSESSION is done for now (yay!), I’m trying to get deep into writing OBSESSION.  No one want to talk about my super annoying process so let’s not.

I need to go hunk shopping soon but since I haven’t done it yet, we’ll do something a little different for Wednesday Worthy. We still have a hunk, but he’s on the cover of ROGUE MOON, Silver Jame’s latest release in her Moonstruck series!

Rogue Moon by Silver James cover


I bought my copy yesterday, you can get your copy at Amazon here 

I don’t need to ask you all if this guy is worthy because he totally is!

So let’s change the subject. In addition to hunk shopping (that’s a real thing. Seriously.  It is!) I also need to go dress shopping for oldest son’s wedding this summer. I know this because every time I go have my hair cut (and colored!) my hairdresser reminds me. Last time she threatened to take me shopping herself. Wizard even went out and bought new clothes for the wedding and now everyone is starting to look at me like this might be important.

I’ve seen a picture of the bride’s dress and it’s gorgeous.  I can’t wait to see her in it!  So who cares what I wear?

Oh crap, something just occurred to me. Do I have to wear nylons too?

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013
Wednesday Worthy

I’m fighting a sinus headache that will be significantly better by the time you all read this. It’s humid today and mostly weather related so I’m thinking positive that it will go away.

I wanted to share with you all that POSSESSION hit the Barnes and Noble Self Published bestseller list at #5. (link here ) This is the second week on the list, the week before it was at #10. I’m thrilled and stunned by it. It’s so great that people are connecting with the characters!

So then emailed exactly one friend–Laura Wright. Normally I text her, but I know she’s frantically trying ot finish a book and din’t want to interrupt her flow. But she she emails right back:

Not surprised! Seriously, it was a great book. The 3rd better live up to it.
 No pressure.
What me feeling pressure? LOLOL!! Seriously I  should get some new friends. You know, the kind that don’t PRESSURE me!  Sigh.
I had some other things I wanted to talk about but my headache isn’t cooperating. So I’ll just put up another picture, this is the one Angela from Under the Covers Blogs used as Sloane for the Bad Boys of Romance Blog Hop
Sloane photo (18)
So what do you all think?


Friday, June 7th, 2013
Happy Friday!

I don’t know what my weekend plans are at this moment.  I’m a little tangled up in my head right now and not making progress on the book.  But I need to get over it and get started.  Also I need to tame a sinus headache. So lets not talk about me–let’s talk about YOU. Tell me what you’re reading and what your weekend plans are!

Oh and I’m planning to start reading BEAUTY FROM SURRENDER by Georgia Cates. I had planned to start it days ago but then a friend asked me to read her book (pre-published) and I did–loved it! I’ll tell you guys about it when it comes out.

Back to you all! What are you reading?

And just an FYI –these are the last stops for the POSSESSION Blog Tour:

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Wednesday, May 29th, 2013
I Took A Chance

I took a chance on Kat and Sloane in The Plus One Chronicles Trilogy.


A HUGE chance that involved months and months of hard work. But I believed in these two characters almost as much as I believe in me and Wizard.

Kat, so broken and afraid, yet longing to be whole and strong. In spite of the attack she endured, she refuses to be bitter or hard. Instead, she’s my beautiful survivor with a victorious heart.  I love her with all my writer’s passion.  She grows from a pretty timid mouse to a capable woman over the trilogy…

But can she save Sloane from his obsession?

Book Trailer 2 Kat

And then there’s Sloane.  Ex UFC fighter and self-made billionaire. A true alpha man, strong and powerful, yet not a jerk. He sees Kat and he’s can’t walk away. But Sloane has a dark, agenda and a tortured soul that is visible to only a very select few. Sloane’s emotional scars run as deep as Kat’s physical ones (on her leg).  What captured my writer’s passion about him is the way he sees Kat, treats her and eventually, loves her. The mark of any man is how he treats those more vulnerable than him.  He treats Kat with respect and attraction that grows into something more powerful than either of them imagined.

sport guy

Powerful enough to kill for her.

Sloane  hold her tight…

Book Trailer 4 -Passionate Possession


Even knowing he’ll have let her go…

I took a chance. I knew it was unlikely a publisher would take the chance on these two unless I watered them down. But I couldn’t do that. So I decided to go Indie (self publishing) the series of books. Writing them in a trilogy as it’d be too big for one book.   The I wrote and rewrote and laid awake nights worrying.

As POSSESSION, book 2 in Kat and Sloane’s story released, the feedback has been truly amazing and touching. Readers are connecting with Kat and Sloane and that means everything to me.  These two came to me in a very tough time when I was exhausted and so worried about BLB’s (my son who suffered an injury nearly as severe as Kat’s in the books)  recovery and future.

Sloane whispered that I should take a chance and tell their story. Just go for it.

Kat asked me, “Hasn’t BLB’s freak accident taught you anything? Embrace today and live because no one knows what will happen tomorrow.”

So despite the bills, the brutal writing schedule, the doubters badgering me, I dove into their story. And you all on this blog were right there with me for which I’m very grateful.  But now I’m so happy I did. I still have Kat and Sloane’s last book, Obsession, to write. The second half of this year will be even more stressful. But I’m excited to finish their story and wouldn’t change a thing.

Sometimes we just have to go for it.

I took a chance. What about you? Are you taking chances?

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013
Possession Blog Tour!

Enter For A Chance To Win A $50.00 Gift Card!


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Monday, May 27th, 2013
Happy Memorial Day

Today we should all (in the states) take a moment to remember those who have  served to keep us safe. And also think about those who have paid the ultimate price, injury and death, to keep us free.

Now for my promise to get a picture of Bailey. I tried!  I have pictures, but they aren’t good ones. All my outside shots, he turned away or looks odd.  However, I’ll keep trying. I was only supposed to have Bailey for about four days, but now that’s turned into a week. Middle Son will be lucky to get him back! Anyway, here is Bailey waiting for me to finish writing this blog. He closed his eyes when I tried to get a pic

Bailey Office Chair Waiting Again

Speaking of Bailey, last night I was in the kitchen making tacos, and I hear Wizard, ROARING. Not yelling, but roaring, like RAWR. He and Bailey were playing tug of war.  I cracked up. When Bailey first came into our lives, Wizard didn’t want to touch Bailey’s toys, now they are buddies.

In other news, POSSESSION has release on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords. It’s up for pre-order on Kobo and will deliver tomorrow the 28th.  iTunes/iBooks should go live any day now. I’m very excited about the early reviews, especially after the weeks of utter agony as I finished the book.  So THANK YOU to the readers! I love, love LOVE Kat and Sloane  but these aren’t easy stories to write.  But I love doing it, and the reader response makes every anxious gut-churning moment worth it!  I do want to remind everyone that this is a serialized trilogy, and readers should start with The Proposition 

Lastly, I’m starting the Possession Blog Tour today.


I’ll be at (I’m pretty sure–it’s a holiday so things could go wrong):

5/27 – Book Monster Reviews (Guest Post, series spotlight)

5/ 27- Wicked Readings by Tawania (series spotlight)

So how was your weekend?

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