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Friday, March 30th, 2018
Friday Five

Time to list five random things about our week!

  1. Wizard brought me home a solid chocolate Easter bunny last night! As soon as I’m done with this blog, I’m going to do serious damage to that bunny!
  2. We got the living room tables sanded down, and white washed. Both Wizard and I have happy so far. Today we’ll varnish then, let them dry then reassemble then and take pictures to show on Monday.
  3. My day with Baby Slayer on Wednesday was amazing! He’s such a good baby, and already making eye contact and engaging. When he hears his mom’s voice, he turns to find her. His dad is a total hands on daddy.
  4. Wizard and I ate dinner out on the patio yesterday. It was a perfect seventy-eight degrees, and we had fun together. Maggie loved it too (That’s right, Wizard, I saw that tiny piece of steak you dropped on the patio for her!).
  5. For everyone who celebrate–Happy Easter! We aren’t doing anything special this year, just being thankful for our family, Maggie, our son getting married this Oct. to a wonderful woman, and our beloved new grandson.

Now it’s your turn to list your Friday Five! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018
Wednesday Worthy…Easter Edition

Sunday is Easter! We’ve been so busy, birthdays and holidays are catching me by surprise. In between the baby (I’m going to see him today and help out Special K!), and some home improvement stuff, plus life, I’m in constant motion.

And FYI, the next time I say to Wizard, “What if we try sanding down those tables and whitewashing them?” they may be my last words. We’ve been sanding, sanding, and sanding our new living room tables trying to get as much of the dark stain out as we can, then we’ll staining them with whitewash and hope it comes out rustic-distressed. But tonight (Tuesday) as I’m writing this blog, we can both barely move. I really need to stop having bright ideas, LOL!

Naturally, no amount of soreness will keep me from going out to see my grandbaby tomorrow, and helping out Special K.

Now onto the Easter Edition of Wednesday Worthy: I have three candidates for you :-)

Okay so which kind of chocolate is “worthy” to you? Dark, milk, white or none at all? Also, if you do like chocolate, do you like your Easter bunnies hollow or solid?

For me, it’s solid dark or milk chocolate :-) White chocolate is usually too waxy for me.

Monday, March 26th, 2018
Weekend Roundup

Another great weekend with very little work getting done. I’m really trying, but easily distracted by my new role as a grandma. But this will level out like all things do.

So Baby Slayer update: He’s doing fantastic! Wizard and I went out Saturday to spend the day and help out. Wizard insisted he had to hold him FIRST. I laughed, and made sure he got his wish. Then CPA Boy asked his dad if he wanted to feed the baby a bottle and Wizard handed Baby Slayer off to me. LOLOL!!! Men :-) It was a good day, and the little guy is thriving now. Here’s a not-so-great picture of me with the baby. Wizard was trying to take it with my phone.  He takes wonderful pictures with his camera, but turns all thumbs with my phone.

I took a couple closeups, but in those, he (that baby, not Wizard :-) ) has a hold of my top and more cleavage than strictly necessary is showing so I’ll spare you those :-)

In other news, I forgot to tell you all that I had the audiologist appointment, and got some results. I’ve had 11 months now of tinnitus (ringing in my ears). It’s bilateral (both sides) but more severe in my right ear. I do okay when I’m active and busy, but sitting and trying to write or sleep is really tough. I have to try to block it to write, so it takes double or triple my normal concentration, if that makes sense? So…to my relief, the testing found that I’m having abnormal pressure in my right ear. I also have some hearing loss at a very high pitch that’s above the human voice range. But the rest of my hearing is normal–another relief. One theory was that I was going deaf. That does NOT appear to be the case so far.  So my next step is to see an ENT. I fully understand this may never go away, but at least there’s something real going on, not just my imagination :-)

So now it’s your turn–how was your weekend?

Friday, March 23rd, 2018
Friday Five

Happy Friday! Okay so everything got crazy…again :-) I’ll try to come up from five things for Friday Five, but once again, I’m fried.

  1. So our grand baby. He had his pediatrician appt. Wednesday. Everything was great, until the blood work came back with some jaundice. His poor parents! Anyway, the baby is doing fabulous with the treatment. And this is a great example of why good prenatal and post-delivery care is vital. But it’s been a wild ride for over a week now and his poor parents really need a break. I may go out there today and help, or Special K’s mom may do it, which ever works out best for everyone. Either way, there’s plenty of help.
  2. Maggie’s been a trooper! I left her in her doggy daycare overnight on Monday, and they’ve said I can just drop her off as needed through all this. They said she just hangs out, walks around and plays with the other dogs. Yes we pay for this, but they are so good to her, it’s really one less thing to worry about. She’s safe and happy, and seems to understand that Wizard and I are coming back.
  3. Life is fabulous but man, it’s just non stop stuff. Wizard and I have other stuff going on, and we can’t quite catch our breaths with it all. Did I ever say that I was bored or something? Just asking…
  4. I made chocolate chunk cookies. Originally I was going to take them out to the new parents (and get some to my other two sons) but that all shifted with the baby needing some extra treatments (again, he’s doing great), so now I’m pretty much just scarfing them down.  Wizard is helping with that chore, LOL!
  5. What’s the last super-duper great, can’t put it down, book you read? I’ve finished one, that right ONE book, in something like three weeks (not counting audio books which I listen to in the car or while cleaning). I need a book that hooks me so hard I’ll blow off everything else to read.

So that’s my Friday Five, now it’s your turn to share yours!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018
Wednesday Worthy!

OMG I love having a grand baby! Especially since his mom and dad are doing all the hard work :-) I went out on Monday when my son, daughter-in-law and the baby came home from the hospital and stayed the night. I didn’t get much sleep, but I did get a lot of love, so it’s a more than fair trade! Okay I won’t gush anymore, let’s move onto Wednesday Worthy.

Here is our candidate:

What do you think, is he worthy?

Monday, March 19th, 2018
He’s Here!!!

In case you haven’t heard, our very own family leprechaun was born on St. Patrick’s day! Here he is on the day he was born:


And then yesterday:

Guys, I’m in love! After having three babies myself, I thought I was prepared for the intense love, but not even close!

Wizard is teasing that I wasn’t in the room 30 seconds before I had the little leprechaun in my arms. He’s not far off! But first I asked how Special K was doing, and then I asked if I could hold him, so I get points for that right?

That was my weekend. I’d planned to work all weekend, but instead, it was filled with the magic our very first grand baby. This week I’ll try to help out Special K (she’s a champion! And much tougher than she ever realized!) and CPA Boy (best dad ever, and yes I’m biased, but he’s amazing!) I’m getting in a few pages of editing/rewriting, but obviously, I’m hugely distracted :-) It’s been such a wild year!

So how was your weekend?

Friday, March 16th, 2018
Friday Five

I’m getting windburn from the speed of the weeks whizzing by! So here we are at Friday again, and it’s time to list five random things about our week. Here are mine:

  1. Wednesday I saw my pain doctor. The second shot was not “magic” but it made a little progress. However the pain doctor said she could visually see I am still in pain and was not surprised I’m not sleep more than a couple hours at a stretch. So she a series of trigger point shots. I think it was nine or so, but I honestly lost track. A few of then really stung, and a few were just a pinch. They’ve already helping with some of the knotting and spasming. The pain doctor expects them to alleviate one more “layer” of pain, leaving what she calls bone deep pain. If that’s true, then we’ll switch to another shot treatment to address that. It’s truly that complex, particularly since I have RA :-) What’s really good about this pain clinic is they hear what I say, and notice things like I’ve lost weight (mostly intentional) and my blood pressure is low (serious lack of sleep). The negative is the shots aren’t always easy. This shows one of the bruises two days after the shots. That one bruise is the worst.
  2. Today I finally have my long-awaited appointment with the audiologist (hearing doc) for a full range hearing test.  I’ve been experiencing pretty significant tinnitus for almost a year now. There’s a slim chance it could be related to the nerve problems in my neck, a greater likelihood that I might be losing some or all of my hearing, or it could be something else. Once we have the results, then I’ll see an ENT. I’m so tired of doctors. I know they are all trying, but most days, I just live my life and ignore everything else.
  3.  The new living room tables came Wednesday. They are a rustic wood, and we like then, but we want to try to whitewash them to a lighter, distressed finish. Wizard is doing all the research on that since he knows a little bit about refinishing. The tables weren’t expensive, so we think it’s worth a shot. Here’s the coffee table now: 
  4. Wizard had his post op appointment and the stitches removed. He’s doing great. I won’t get into his details, but I want to say this–we often denigrate and make fun of cosmetic surgery and surgeons as frivolous and vain. But this highly-trained surgeon used a “cosmetic” procedure that dramatically improved Wizard’s quality of life that was being affected by a very rare and little known condition. I just want to give a huge shout out to the amazing people out there in the medical and research fields who ignore all the white noise of ignorant, and sometimes smug, criticism and make a big difference in lives every damn day. We are very grateful. Truly.
  5. I’m seeing Biker Witch (my sister) today after my hearing test thing. I’m looking forward to that and inhaling some carbs. This weekend, I plan to hunker down with Maggie and write.

No real news yet on the Grandbaby watch yet:-)  It’s a bit early still, but we’re all jumping when the phone rings anyway!

Okay that’s my week, now it’s your turn to share your Friday Five! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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